Waysidegarden:Buxus 'Green Velvet'

 Wayside gardens : Boxwood shrub cover is the most popular in the U.S. - has dark green leaves and dense habit makes it perfect for formal hedges. The boundaries, fences, topiaries, or nodes, gardens and architectural perfection with the right people and training, the texture of your beautiful garden and depth can be drawn.

Plant of the week this week is a particularly attractive boxwood, Buxus Green Velvet. As the name suggests, this type of packaging is beautiful dark green foliage, while maintaining an easy to grow, dense, compact growth. Green Velvet wayside gardens tolerates full sun, cold winters and heavy pruning. It 's the perfect little difficult topiary shrub.

Waysidegarden:Try Hydrangea Cityline

Hydrangeas are a good choice for containers! With their attractive foliage, beautiful flowers, perfumes and seduction, are a good choice for small space gardening maintenance.

A wayside gardens variation that works especially well in containers is to be admired, the dwarf Hydrangea Venice CitylineTM. Venice compact growth contrasts with large leaves and bright pink flowers look very day that works very well in the courtyard garden. Produces more flower stems than the average of the hydrangea and the leaves retain their dark green color of spring frost.

Waysidegarden:Climbing Hydrangea: Plant of the Week!

This week, the gardens of the road "Plant of the week is one of the most common shrubs on the market and climbing hydrangea climbing best around, ssp.petiolaris Hydrangea abnormal. It will rise to, trellis wall, tree or without additional support and will continue to grow to keep up to 80 feet, if there is nothing to grow, is also an excellent ground cover.

The cure is simple: leave! The foliage, beautiful white flowers and dense habit to make it interesting for the whole season. Hydrangea abnormal ssp.petiolaris preferably fertile, well drained, and the best performance in partial shade. Water well, especially in hot or humid climates.

Waysidegarden:Grow Your Own Tasty Limes, Lemons, and Oranges!

wayside gardens
A kumquat, two limes, two lemons, and a large, juicy navel orange: an impressive collection of citrus fruits are the gardens along the road this season. It is not only citrus trees - each is unique in the genre is a rare and impressive series. How many of you, I love citrus and citrus fruits, especially limes. The lime is my favorite flavor, and probably my favorite fruit.

Waysidegarden:Rippled, Variegated Hostas for Shade-garden Texture

Hosta perennial plants are difficult - the basic food for every shade garden - and known for their varied and colorful foliage, and structured. They often have beautiful flowers, too. Many bright, colorful flowers in spring produce, for a touch of color in the shade in your garden, but the foliage is what attracts most hosta gardeners.


Poppies are very popular this year, and gardens along the way with some of the finest, most coveted of poppies on the market this year. My favorite was, Papaver 'Manhattan' and Papaver 'Patty's Plum is so beautiful and interesting than poppy, and they were both very popular this year.

Poppies are regarded as flowers, making them easy to maintain. Here are some quick and easy to grow poppies are grown:

* Give your plant in full sun
* The plants in a soil that drains well - not like poppies can be wet.
* Plant varieties and perhaps several years from the annual flower at different times to prolong the beauty of your flower bed.
* Dead-head to avoid sowing, if you will - but if you have your poppy flowers spread and not nationality.
* E 'normal, cut the stems to the ground after the plant begins to fade - will reappear next spring.


Add evergreen Helleborus interesting texture to your shade garden, a perfect contrast to the spring and summer flowering perennials. Christmas roses bloom in the dead of winter, the interest throughout the year, filling the beds in the months less sad.

Caring for them is simple, they are robust Hellebore / Lenten roses great plants:

* They prefer partial sun or even tolerate full shade but full sun in a cool place.
* If you plant in rich soil with good drainage
* Give them another layer of compost per year, provided the necessary nutrients.
* Lenten Roses are fairly resistant to drought, but will be a deep watering during dry summers have.
* Prune old growth leaves in late winter. The plants begin to bloom and send forth new leaves - Trim old growth helps plants look better.

Waysidegarden:Sorbaria Sorbifolia 'Sem'

If you want to receive our newsletter along the tracks, you have the new work week Sorbara "Shem" marks seen - prisoners of war, the popularity and originality has been chosen, and this week is the work of time. I like plants that have interesting foliage - it is truly a new level of depth and beauty of the gardens in bloom simple. Sorbara "Shem" has beautiful shiny leaves of spring until frost.

Sorbara "Shem" is a compact variety of this popular genre. It is appreciated for its unique, dense, pink-red spring foliage, and large junction. "Shem" is easy to grow, and it will be wonderful for adding texture and foliage color to your garden variety garden.

Deciphering Rose Color Meanings

What is Valentine's Day without roses? Wayside has a lot of the most popular roses in the country, including the beautiful Mr. Lincoln (above). Everyone knows that some have different meanings, and you do not want to send the wrong message. I'll summarize quickly:

Red - Red roses mean simply "I love you!"
Pink - pink roses suggest happiness and admiration.
Yellow - Yellow roses mean "You're a good friend!"
Orange - Orange roses connote the request * wink *.
White - White roses symbolize purity and are often used for weddings.
Black - Black Roses symbolize death and mourning - only for funerals and friends crazy.

This should give at least an idea, go to that rose. Visit our rose-colored, if you want to grow in time for next year, or maybe make a direct donation-Rose!

Waysidegarden:Passiflora 'Sherry': The Best Passionflower For Containers

"Sherry", Passiflora is the first in a series of serious Dark Horse passion-flower, are imported into the ER This beautiful deep red passion flower vine is particularly important for this compact variety containers.The gone up more than 4-6 feet, which makes a perfect complement for your container garden.

This shrub is resistant to tropical zones 8-11. Move it into a sunny window before first frost, if you live north of Zone 8, then back out after the frost last spring, to enjoy for another season. They have a wealth of exotic, showy flowers all summer. Visitors will be attracted by the flowers of a deep red, and so butterflies. One of our favorite plants now, and rightly so. "Sherry," The passion is impressive addition to any garden. If you are unfamiliar with the flowers of passion, Sherry is an excellent introduction to the genre is - with the exception of one of the most beautiful flowers on the market, it is compact and easy to maintain!.

Waysidegarden:Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo Phyllostachys nigra, is very popular in China and Japan and has become a big favorite in the gardens of the West.

This elegant plant is a customer favorite year after year - it turns out to be a pillar of roadside gardens are selected. to obscure the bamboo shoots a deep, glossy black when ripe, for a classic accent with contrasting dark green foliage. It's perfect for creative gardeners.

You can connect with a black bamboo tree of life, and some of the most popular Japanese maples in a tranquil Japanese garden topics. Acer palmatum 'Orido Nashik "currently the most popular Japanese maple, Acer' Shaina 'is a favorite customer for years.

Hostas: Work-Horse of the Flower Bed

Year after year as one of the best hosta plants for sale on the market. It 's interesting, because when most people think of "perennial" are looking for flowers, but hostas are an important source for many interesting foliage in flower beds and small gardens at the national level.

Blue Leaf HostaHostas are closely related to lilies, flowers and produce - for the production of really beautiful flowers. They are grown from tubers, and in general to sprout in the spring, and most remain green in the winter cold. They are generally robust, and because of their fondness for flowers in the shade part shade /, are often a staple food in the garden in the shade.

Wayside Gardens offers a variety of hosta impressive this season in gold, green, blue, and thats even a few leaves almost white. Bright colored hosta with complex networks on large sheets to fill in empty spaces in your flower garden. You should really check the "Blue Mouse Ears' is a favorite of our customers - is also included in the Collector's Choice Collection Hosta variety of carefully selected to give a nice selection of hostas that can offer .

Waysidegarden:Plant of the Week: Wisteria 'Amethyst Falls'

This week road garden plant of the week is Wisteria "Amethyst Falls"!

"Amethyst Falls" is a non-invasive, native species that has many advantages over other Wisteria. The winning work is disease resistant, drought tolerant, attracts butterflies and other pollinators and deer resistant in your garden!

Wisteria that is sure to put a good show from spring to give up some of the most fragrant flowers of Wisteria in the market. As a native species also has the advantage of a more subtle landscape. Where others tend to spread to other parts of the Wisteria Garden "Amethyst Falls", as if to keep for themselves.

It 'also very easy to maintain:

* Plant in full sun or partial shade.
* Plant in moist, well drained soil.
* Prune late winter, before the plant begins to suffocate.

Fearing a Hot, Dry Growing Season?

If you live in a dry part of the country, sometimes it can be very difficult to design a garden, because there are a limited number of plants that tolerate the climate less favorable. Here in South Carolina in the spring and summer is very dry in the last two years. If you're looking to save water, but you would still have a colorful garden, you should check out some of the gardens along the way "of drought-resistant plants. These hardy plants tolerate hot, dry conditions and you're still a landscape of brilliant colors, textures, and intriguing shapes only.

Water the plants to help you save water as well and save your garden during a drought. Water deeply to ensure that your roots lie in the ground - the light side of roots, moisture by evaporation during dry periods tend to become flat. Try to jump for a couple of days between waterings unless your job is in danger of burning - this time the strength of your plants to look for moisture deep into the earth, promoting strong root growth .

Waysidegarden:Japanese Maples

The foliage of Japanese maples can be very thin and delicate - which is often part of their appeal for many gardeners. A healthy plant with sensitive components, sometimes loving care in order. Japanese maples need sun protection, protection against cold, protection against the wind and high humidity for the beautiful foliage signature that makes them so popular to maintain.

Choose a good location when planting your Acer - a tree outside are very vulnerable to weather conditions. As the tree grows and creates strong roots, it is less vulnerable, but as the tree is young, make sure there is shade and a sort of windshield available.

Cover your tree if it is expected that up to now, a gel or extremely windy. Frost, drought, wind and direct sunlight because it can burn your tree in a single day - to cover your tree when you think that in adverse conditions, most of the necessary moisture.

deep water a week. This is probably the most important advice. Give a thorough watering, but not more than necessary - force the roots to grow downward. Want to see your Japanese maple a deep root system health so that they are brilliant, gorgeous, healthy leaves, even if the conditions are less than satisfactory, they must grow .

Waysidegarden:Flower Bulbs & Our Office Amaryllis Has Bloomed!

Does anyone remember way back on Dec. 26, when I have some pictures of the Amaryllis is in our offices? Well, I thought I'd follow up with an image that has flourished. It 'really nice. If one of you is a product of Amaryllis Garden on the road this season and you want your flowers freely share with us, they feel e-mail to tandrews@parkseed.com. If you do, you place them here for everyone. If you have photos Amaryllis can also see pictures of your cat, so I think they are funny.

If you missed it, check out the other items on the street lamp collection gardens. I'll post pictures of their bloom - just send it to our office here Amaryllis - well, that's Amaryllis Jamie, but I think I have the best view from my office.

waysidegarden:Most Popular Plants

If you are wondering what will be hot in the garden this spring in the month of January is always a good indicator. Each has had his books and are eager to start digging.

Our best seller this month was by far "Incrediball" Hydrangea - one can not but be struck by the look of this beautiful plant 'as the clouds grow in your garden. . its huge, fluffy clusters of white flowers, hydrangeas pure usually not good - everyone loves the "Endless Summer" collection and Angel, but Incrediball really happened this year so far.

Other hits were "Bloomerang" and the brilliant Paeonia 'Syringa florific arrival incredible first, our number of mills 2 and 3 for the best-seller list bestseller Wayside control plants here. plants along the tracks of the most popular for January.

Waysidegarden:Rosa 'Florence Nightingale'

A long history flourished with large clusters of flowers, losing 3-7, the round, spreading shrub takes the glory of old garden roses. The flowers are white with primrose centers, their leaves ruffled and disadvantages quite durable and resistant dark green leaves.

Named after the nurse Victoria loved the lady with the lamp, which, for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War, edited and introduced comprehensive reforms in health care know, "Florence Nightingale" is a beautiful rose an ancient form of beauty and Stop.

This shrub reaches about 3 feet tall and wide, blooms from early summer to autumn. The flowers reach 3-3 cm wide, absolutely wonderful for cutting and enjoyment of the garden. "Florence Nightingale" integrates all the other colors of the garden, making it a good choice for any environment. Zone 5-9.

Waysidegarden:Wayside Orchids - more tips for customer service

I just wanted to add my two cents advice Tamsin orchid road Kisses. We only Hardy (Earth) orchids lately here on the edge of the road, and I think people may be confused the first time they see this newsletter. Anyhoo, here are some things that came quickly, as I was reading my mind. Customers may ask:

And 'this orchid plant for the garden?

No, they are for internal use in containers.

Wayside Gardens catalog

The new catalogs are in any way, if you have not received one already. There are news articles and of course all the classic beautiful Wayside Gardens. The 2009 catalog Wayside Gardens is really nice. I am particularly struck by the line-up of Rose. There are many old acquaintances, but there are also roses really amazing this year.

Beautiful winter flowering Camellias offer!

Camellias bloom now! Everything is gray, cold, and (if you live on the east coast) is very humid. It 's very sad, but camellias are bright and cheerful. If you planted this workhorse evergreen shrub in your garden, you will have the bright flowers of summer.

They live a long time, hundreds of years and are very durable, is alive and well in winter temperatures of 0 ° C. Camellias can create a reliable source for year-round beauty in your garden or landscape.

These perennial woody shrubs have been bred over thousands of varieties of colorful flowers. It should be very simple, the camellia that suits your tastes and needs. They work well in containers or as part of a larger landscape.


Use mulch and soil cover

Planting ground cover and fill with layers of mulch in your case, it is difficult for unwanted weeds, and help you keep your garden in a natural way. Land cover both the weeds choking, blocking the light and helps the plants, taking moisture and maintain a constant temperature.

You will work in your garden, all your weeds before sowing in autumn, why not plan to take some 'space to help them come to remove.

Summers growth Clean Before planting in the fall

Remove all of the production of excess material before planting new crops is essential for the success of your fall bulbs, flowers and vegetables. annual weeds can be removed with a hoe or by hand. perennial weeds should be carefully sought to avoid future growth.

Lilium 'Blackbird

Read a really beautiful, a favorite of surfers, Lilium "Black Bird" in a show, adding depth and dynamic qualities of the whole garden. The deep red flowers are five fifty-seven cm a great companion for roses, flowers and lily of the cone.

Hitting deep red flowers, this shadow in black opaque and irregular, like a blackbird feathers in the sun, a very interesting. They are also very easy to clean, resistant to cold, heat, pests and diseases.

Maintenance Tips
Lilies require moist, well drained, fertile soil. You may need to use a fertilizer use every other watering, especially when grown in a container. This plant requires full sun and can not, of course, his home. Growth window or bright light may be necessary, the Blackbird is more like a houseplant.

It's Nature's Way

As gardeners, we have the opportunity to be a bit 'more alert to changes and events in the changing seasons. Migratory birds, the place of pesky insects, clouds of pollen, buds, flowers and, finally, all the things that fall under the nose of the gardener spend more careful seeding. Observation of nature can teach us much about my garden. One of the main questions we get is: "if I plant this?" The response of most shrubs, trees, bulbs and perennials is almost always "fall."

Wildflowers, trees, shrubs and all the seeds in the fall campaign, the summer is full of fruit and flowers, but the seeds are not on the ground until fall. They spend the winter dormancy and germinate in the spring. This works well with the onions and bare-root plants shipped in the fall. They spend their time off to search the ground with their roots established slowly, and planted a big step up for all the plants in spring.

It is not necessary to plant in the fall, most plants are not only good until the ground is not frozen, but the season for autumn sowing is ideal for most varieties. These plants bloom earlier and more productive in the spring and next summer .

Dry Extremes

Often, the search for drought-resistant plants or plants that can tolerate wet soils, under certain conditions of their local environment to complete. But maybe there are plants that both needs, plants that take a lot of moisture and abuse to shine, even in your garden. These plants are usually specific varieties that can thrive in damp soil type, but once established, drought tolerate.

Are not extremely exotic plants that are resistant varieties favorite daily special importance, as hemorocallis, snowball, and hibiscus. For more information, see the complete diversity of Wayside Gardens Plant Moisture Extreme.

cut flower

The Fluffy, full, bright blooms of many Hydrangea Varieties Serve well to fill out Decorative Floral Arrangements.They are classically used by many florists and are keenly fit for this Purpose.Hydrangeas are hardier Than now cut-flower blooms, and the blooms last for a while after being snippet from the bush.They lower Produce many blooms, leaving you with a very beautiful plant-still have after you take your bouquet.Tips For Growing Hydrangea Cut Flowers

When planting hydrangeas specifically for cut-flower use, Protect Them from hot sun and Drying Winds That might stifle flower production.Plant on the eastern side of the building, allowing for afternoon shade.Make sure your plant has good drainage and rich soil Nutrient - for the fullest, healthiest blooms amen your soil with rich compost and Fertilizer.They cut your blooms just reach there fullest size as to ensure a long life in the vase.Cut at an angle to allow for optimum water Intake.Arrange as you like, and enjoy your garden bright display playfem.

Wayside Garden Collector

Tamsin's right. It's a good gift to customers of the newsletter. And no one starts a new plant at the end of the tab, and a collector's plant to the site can be found. The first page, but from the spring catalog, are focused on collecting all of the back. I think I will change when the official catalog.

I knew just what I call, I'm on Meconopsis heard good feedback from our customers. I find some of them so far have been difficult to guess.

Thanks and have a nice day

Sharon H.


I pushed too sneak peek at the newsletter for these new products in the catalog operation must confess that raised expectations. Within three days I have a little bit, we realized that there were 300 catalog requests, and I do not know the command how many decades. This catalog is a limited supply, as well as almost all the newsletter subscribers will know this. I really am glad the whole thing too; to the right have this money to our loyal subscribers!

Tamsin Oklahoma


Wayside Gardens last Friday

Well, it's the usual suspects - a sudden surge of e-commerce is responsible for the ringing cell phone is! We preview the catalog and the site is connected to almost all products of our newsletter sent to subscribers last Friday's. But let's face it, the theme of the organization Tracy DiSabato - Aust's color theory, this catalog is more like a work of art - I like people who think they saw. We have our actual printer (color!) Wait until you get a copy - they are really great.

Alice Tollison

Geranium Wayside garden Sweet Heidy

To everyone on the street:

You already have, but to hear these words can be your spring catalog, 92 pages, 40,267 entries to modify. This product is the correct spelling of "Heidy," No, "Heidi." This is known as the wife of a Dutch breeder. All communication with your customers, please check the spelling correctly.

Thanks and hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Sincerely yours,

Spring shows!

Wayside garden

Just, all of our friends this morning for our weekly meeting, said that he wanted to show the spring collection is so! 4 wolena'll be sold out if this trend. That will have a big problem!

Sharon Hughes

Customer Service

Spring Products

waysidegarden :

Dear Sharon

That's good news! You give us a hint what items can you really taking off? However, we know next week will be displayed on the dashboard as a gardener, I want to know in advance! In addition, the low supply does not already? I need to get your order!

Sincerely yours,

Kay Ravenel

Product Management

Waysidegarden:Keeping Deer Out Of Your Garden

You have invested much time, money and energy in your garden, and the result is a beautiful landscape you very proud! Yet, you and your neighbors are not the only admire your hard work% u2013 nocturnal predators are treating your valued perennials and flowers like a favorite all-you-can-eat buffet. Sound familiar?

Well, there's a solution: deer-resistant plants Wayside and all-natural deterrent discourage grazing, with unpleasant tastes, smells, or textures, making your garden intact and thriving, despite the after-hours visit of unwanted guests. The key is to change your approach, so the deer do not get used to what technique you use at the moment. Keep reading for a few suggestions.

Deer Control advice from our customers

We recently a contest to see who can connect with the best deer deterrents. Many people sent really great comments, and I would like to share with you the winning tips: Top Tips for a deer-free garden .

Waysidegarden:Gardening Through Drought: 4 Easy Tips

Drought is one of the most disappointing things happen to a gardener. You work all year round, growing beautiful plants and your garden looks exactly how you want to watch. Everything can be included in only a few dry weeks in August. There are a few things you can do to give your garden the best chance of pulling through.

1. When it starts to dry cutting back on fertilizer or full stop.
Your plants do not need to try and grow, they should be focused on survival. Fertilizer stimulates growth and fluid intake.
2. Aerate your soil in spring.
This will be possible roots to access moisture and nutrients more easily, giving your plants a big jump in the drier months.
3. Water longer but less often.
Water deep in the ground, train your roots grow down, where the soil holds moisture. Shallow roots dry out very quickly.
4. Water in the morning.
Water your yard before 9 am, earlier if you can manage. Later in the day that you water is more likely to evaporate before your plants have a chance to enjoy.

If you live in an area that is susceptible to dry weather a look at Wayside Gardens' diverse line of drought-tolerant plants. You can also check your local nursery for native plants that are better able your environment .

Waysidegarden:Orienting Your Garden to the Cardinal Directions

Understanding directions in relation to your house and garden is one of the most basic gardening skills. The fundamental task of orienting your home will help you plan a garden with the greatest chance of success. Above the equator, where most of our readers live, south facing walls receive the sun all day, and north-facing walls are shaded.

We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Orienting your own home is as simple as getting up to watch the sunrise. The face of the horizon where the sun rises - this is east. Stretch your left - this is north. Stretch your right hand - this is the south. And the West is to your back. Now you can draw a simple map of your garden and draw a small compass with the cardinal directions as a reference for future green projects.

So, if a plant needs full sun, it will probably need to on the south side of your house if it does not fall into the shadow of your home. The plants were placed along the north wall should be shade-loving plants because they are in the shadow of your house for the whole day.

Bonus Trivia: "Cardinal" comes from the Latin Cardo with means "That which something turns or depends" or "hinge". Nothing as "cardinal" is very important, in fact, is the most important of its kind. N, S, E & W are the main directions, the most important cardinals in the Catholic priests, and cardinal virtues that must be held above all others. Cardinal is a very important word .

waysidegarden:Flower Bulbs

In September - the temperature drops. Fall planting season for us and Wayside Gardens is a lot of flower bulbs arranged in a fresh and ready to work. You know they walk a cool, fresh, earthy scent. In the middle of this month, is available in most regions, and these packages may be life beautiful botanical garden is embedded in the garden, waiting for spring.

Flower onions are really great - fun and easy project for novice gardeners and a big brush to paint a big garden, looking for veteran artists to quickly download large amounts of color to their landscape design.

There several dazzling flowers to our new team this year and the bulb. Check Tulip Black Jewel 'and' doll Minuet - I promise you, I like tulips, I had never seen before. Featured this year is another favorite "lily pad" Colchicum - really looks like a sprawling water lilies floating on a big flower. Be sure to read the rest of our fall flower bulbs .

Waysidegarden:How Did You First Get Interested in Gardening?

September 3 Journal of Garden Road

I 4 years of age and mom took me to the public rose garden. I liked the roses, and since the garden started when I was 6 years old. Now I'm thirty-first

My father helped me plant the garden, when I was 3 years - many years ago! I grew up in rural southwestern Michigan, a rich land. We have always had a garden, and had a fruit and vegetable growers around us.

RNA was a kid, and then my dad about his garden. I think gardening is in the genes.

Both my mother and my father was a famous I do not remember when the flowers do not stop me from my songs.

I lived in a big city, but my grandmother was a small garden. As a kid I loved to walk a narrow path through the garden and spent much time playing there. I was happy when the peonies bloom in the spring, and tried, flowers and vegetables on their own. Since then I've always had some sort of a garden, carrying a number of potted plants.

My grandmother and both my grandparents were passionate about their gardens. Grandma kept garden vegetables and flowers on the mass, spring and summer, although at the beginning.

Gardens rnMy grandmother, and when I was little, I had my flower beds and a small garden, where the little house.

I remember as a kid, my grandmother and my father was a garden in his yard.

Waysidegarden:Good Architecture

Good architecture is exposed to the winter garden, especially the bones, is always important. Layering of the rock as a backdrop and staging spectacular plants can do double duty.

I sleep all the fun at the headquarters of the offers.

Waysidegarden:Visual Impact

Many plants for the garden of Linnaeus were recognized for their ability to add to the winter palette selected. Even the grass cream rusty blonde behind azaleas can have a significant influence.

The architecture of the walk and the guide adds fire.

waysidegarden :Winter Color

Winter is not known for color and interest to the garden but the plants in the Linnaeus Teaching Garden offers evidence of the winter landscape can be anything but sad.

This collage of images showing some of the many possibilities.

These photos were taken Jan. 15 just weeks after an ice storm.

Echinacea 'Gemini Pink' PPAF

Brilliant blooms with double layers of petals!
A decree mail Wayside Gardens Exclusive!
Plant patents are registered For.Brilliant magenta pink petals in the layers directly on this exciting new plant introduction Itsaul Big Sky ™ stacked held! These flowers are huge, with an orange and orange cones of the long, thin, elegant floral anchor, thick, rugged stems.If you are counting for a long blooming perennials, ultra-colorful cutting garden and Gemini Pink Search ™!

Very compact, only 2 or 3 feet high and wide 1 ½ to 2 feet, bringing twins Big Pink ™ color spaces.It small flowers all fall sharply in the summer, the final rinse of the proliferation of other dynamic into.A Cross along with two types - EE purpurea.paradoxa x - offers great strength with the color relentlessly!

Like all Echinacea Pink Gemini ™ received in well-drained soil grows full sun, although he appreciated a bit of "enrichment and constant humidity of the first season not know how mature he established.At is very tolerant of heat, moisture, drought, dry soil and poor, and more cold.In, is resistant to most pests and diseases with very strong local force and flowers on a long season. First, cut or deadhead the first flowers, faster training of new gems!

Butterflies and bees are the echinacea during the summer months attracted, while the birds flock in the fall, parties in central semi-dried large cone that the long-term distribution of Guyana provides for a new regime and dry sections as Everlasting. And in the garden, Echinacea is a deterrent terrible plague! Native perennial sunny backdrop, it is essential for the sun fellow garden.The Echinacea traditional border garden, meadow or native include Rudbeckia, Coreopsis, Echinacea and other.But Gemini ™ pink purple looks so horrible and dynamic Hemerocallis Kniphofia. Intensity of color and incredible strength!

The Big Sky ™ series of Echinacea is known for its bright colors, plenty and plenty of flowers blooms.Gemini Pink ™ is the star of the entire known line-up! Please book now to avoid your disappointment.Zones 5-8 ..

Caryopteris 'Longwood Blue'

Butterflies love it!
rich blue flowers from midsummer to autumn.

This clone Superior Blue Mist Shrub was elected Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania heyday vertical growth in the production of large flowers and silver leaf perfect. What a garden that requires little attention to the appearance of his best years in Longwood Blue 'is a good addition to a sunny garden in the shadow game!

This shrub is only 1 1 / 2 to 2 meters long and 2 meters wide, but has a large influence, although a small space. Since protection (as shown in Longwood Gardens) of a long and honorable, is impressive. Butterflies can not resist these blue flowers that add color to the garden!

Flowers Longwood Blue 'with a lot of John in the fall of continued stagnation in the bottom of the garden can be used look to give. The flowers are beautiful, it's hard, blue, flowers and well done to find. They are very complementary shades of silver list!

Simple, and it never grows or large, "Longwood Blue" is a selection of shrubs such as the Blue Mist. Try the garden this season!

1918-1924 Space-inch well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade from north to south or shrubs. Zone 5-9 .

Cyclamen hederifolium

Solution for poor soil under the trees dry
This shade-loving flowers in the colors of autumn and a further nine months.
Syn neapolitanum C.If the garden is full of patches of dry land under the trees mature, Hardy Cyclamen is a solution. Bulbs are a little "light crude in the autumn increase, and in large colonies in the blue-green mottled leaves that remain attractive for the first nine months, but full of colorful flowers purple-violet.

Column in the garden in the ancient world (the Greek gods), Hardy Cyclamen is a slow growth of the plants that already needs a little shade and water, from time to time. Purple flowers butterfly strong, nervous, to be born and stay up really started in the week, in the dark to light.

Hardy Cyclamen is a very long, so that the group of plants is a large colony of the season, flowers are blooming, even more than ten years. This plant the bulb is very useful and interesting generously! Zone 5-9 .

Dryopteris 'Brilliance'

Change color for all seasons!
Spring begins in the summer of copper to green, and then return to the reddish color in autumn!
One of the most colorful ferns in recent years, "glory" Fernando case a large display of colors for all seasons. Green leaves a brilliant orange-red, copper again, all the permanently shaded by the way is part of bed or border!

Held in an elegant long leaves in spring, deep orange color of copper, while retaining its color towards green in hot weather. Then in the fall, copper polished again! 1-2 feet high, it's really amazing that in a plant Heuchera Hosta big jump in the shade and fill color of the dry hard!

"Glow" is a good choice for the garden because she once established, it is almost obvious maintenance and beautiful in all seasons. Extends to 2 meters high and wide, to great effect. Not just a unique color, but behind every leaf whitish below, and the surface is very shiny. One of the few perennials that grow happily in the shade of trees or high and dry "light" is called simulated only the first year - a lot of water, fertilizers and other changes to the root system present. Then I'll do anything for you, so you colorful season after season!

Space plants about 18 centimeters thick cover. Indifferent to heat, moisture and cold, well organized, I like the colors, the morning sun, but will also grow in the shade almost perfectly. Flexible, strong and beautiful - what else? Fill in the garden this season! Zone 5-8 .