Dreaming of a bountiful spring garden in winter

It reserves the right yellow for the whole summer!
When the green back into the heat of Hosta 'Dancing Queen' still a creamy spring!
It's never like the yellow Hosta 'Dancing Queen' and stay in the shade garden, like ray of sunshine into the dark valley! This species is very numerous corrugated paper sheets unusual attracts attention everywhere.

New bright golden leaves in spring turn a lighter shade of the season. Long, sharp and very hilly, which takes the elegance and the center of the plant. Each year more and more intense and important structure beautiful.

In summer the leaves with pale lavender flowers are covered stems 28 inches. Almost meaningless, cut flowers and can be used as a filler made of glass, whether in the field emphasize the contrast of colors leaves yellow.

"Dancing Queen" finally 18 cm high and extends about 30 cm wide. Spectacular at the border, it is also good for the parameters of the forest, and can grow in a dish. It is a natural remedy for all the Hosta Garden, faces a strong El Niño "," Silver Bay, 48 438 ">" ABIQUA restaurants Pumpkin, "among others.

"Dancing Queen" rose from Kent Terpening, part shade and thrives in full. Very strong and durable, it is front and center of the garden in the shadow screen. Adding to the garden this season! Zone 9.3 .