Amsonia hubrichtii

[Wayside gaeden]As the blossoms in spring, bright colors of autumn domestic vegetable dishes! 
[Wayside garden]Arkansas Blue Star finally gets deserved recognition! Appointed in 2011, lasted for years, "suddenly all on the wish list. We are very pleased to be here and add our voice chorus of praise for this interview, deer and small multi-resistant native drought. The advantage of a little color , structure and form of the season, there is nothing to beat it! 

[Wayside garden]Each season brings a new show, the color is a wonderfully simple hard work of the native plants. Late spring and early summer, masses of small flowers add bright blue shades of a cold, sunny garden. In summer, finely chopped springs offer, dark green leaves the backdrop for its rich colorful annuals and perennials. And autumn leaves glowing golden maples Japanese rival the intensity and beauty! 

[Wayside garden]Arkansas Blue Star Flower small plant, only 3 feet high and 4 feet wide and bushy, are modest, few signs of prosperity Serbia for you. Big right at the border or on the bed (which is not invasive, but perhaps because of competition), is particularly interesting in the grass and shrubs will be planted before the aromatic compounds, such as Clethra 'Ruby Spice', which not only the sweet smell of Amsonia, but also participates in the leaves in the fall! 

Contents of the well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade, tolerates Arkansas Blue Star Flower dry soils and drought has been established. Generally poor deer, butterflies and bees, but it is not enough. Soft and beautiful wave, it is an investment for all seasons landscape. more plants - within 3 meters - is a chain of many colors of autumn! Zone 5-9 .