Delphinium 'Blue Lace'

Big Show first color - and then repeat!
Sometimes you bet!
The Spurs have always been a popular garden, but the new hybrids are much better than their larger cousins - who live longer, the flowers seem to be more and more, and the plants need not always enforced. "Blue Lace" is a good example of how the family came recently, and our highest recommendation for the repetition of the flower in blue.

These flakes are in a stable clear blocked simply radiant packaged in bright colors. Color of the sky is hard to find elsewhere in the garden, and if you look closely you can notes of lavender, pink watch, especially near the center of the flower. Very surprising! It begins in early summer, and if the cut is made immediately after flowering in late summer or early autumn.

This device is also much better, with strong shows that you do not need to play a large and flourishing crown, stand out, although "Blue Lace" now. Resistant to deer and rabbits, this species is also very resistant to rust, if it gets full sun and little respite in the garden. Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to the flowers, giving it a special place and enjoy the blooming season two!

"Blue Lace is a maintenance perennials, but only a few basic things as much as possible to grow for years. First, to provide basic (alkaline) soils. Second, prepare the soil rich in organic matter and keep the compost in the . Third, the season reduces redness quickly promote the first flowers bloom again -. And that's all you need to make your child feel at home in the sunny light of the shade garden!

Blue tip reaches 5-6 m high and 2 m wide. Not many land-based system, at least 2 meters. Zone 3-7 .

Azalea 'Hilda Niblett'

A beautiful end of the season Bloomer
Hilda Niblett is a bit more efficient and early bloom!
Hilda Niblett is a very nice facility of its kind in a unique dress that makes low-maintenance form of a turtle as one of the most exciting Robin Hill Azaleas. Bring a light pink flowers, 4 cm deep very clear pink. small leaves, through the bright green throughout the year to seduce.

More than four decades with great Robert Gartrell do, evergreen azaleas blooming azaleas extension late spring and early summer. Robin Hill azaleas are easy to grow in light shade, on average, are extremely durable and time.

Not more than a foot high, growth is strong, but disciplined, it is not necessary, to maintain a symmetrical shape. 3 - and 4-foot spread, Hilda Niblett is an indispensable basis to cover for gardens, or places are limited, planters on the terrace or bonsai training. Zones 5-8.

Astilbe chinensis 'Maggie Daley'

Blooming and drought tolerant shade colors
Very heavy and long flowering period
The results of the tolerance of dry soil moisture and other varieties of Astilbe is a variety of A. chinensis is an excellent choice for shady borders must not mottled sunlight to almost full shade. Very free flowering, flowers, lavender light that illuminates the early summer garden for a few weeks if the weather to do so, decides!

Reached up to 28 cm long and a little "wider" Maggie Daley (Chicago Mayor's wife is called) is based on the enrichment of the soil is constantly wet, and you say, but in time, to tolerate it do at home and garden. Flowers springs very tight and close to a solid wall soft shadows and light purple lavender. Arranging cut flowers in the house, Maggie Daley always flowers for sale!

Even outside of the Chinese Astilbe bloom is beautiful. Its leaves are dark green forests, very short and very attractive, creating a dense backdrop against which the many levels of neighboring plants can be clearly distinguished. long-term maintenance and low, is a perennial plant in the shade kept! Zone 4-9 .

Astilbe 'Snowdrift'

Soft, white spots, which will continue until winter
Bright green hills, finely cut leaves of plants to keep a flower!
The Working Group Bloom, Bressingham Gardens in England, "Glacier" is an interesting color change Astilbe varieties. Become a popular sport, A. Irrlicht one of the white varieties of Astilbe much.

Mounds of bright green leaves in summer, a separate building made of soft white feathers giant plants and diamond-shaped space of 2 meters. Glossy leaves of a fern is the perfect place for the flowers, and it is very interesting in itself to keep the plants looking out of the flower.

Full shadow of the border "Glacier" the product of feathers, flowers all summer, if you do not cut the carpet to provide winter landscape interest. It is also great for dried arrangements.

Factory 15th to 18 September inch deep, rich, moist, rich organic matter. Well, water and fertilizer during hot, dry weather. Zone 4-8 .

Asclepias tuberosa

"Flower Butterfly Classic - Bloom, to grow hard and very easy!
Large orange flowers to welcome the summer attracts butterflies and gardeners and Pasta!
Why are all the flowers are beautiful as a flower, butterfly bright, hard? Big Orange flower blooms in the middle and late summer attract butterflies in the garden to steal the neighborhood and the scene colors so rich it almost glows! This stunning variety has a particularly interesting monarch, who are a source of nectar and host plants, space for butterflies lay their eggs. The leaves are beautiful, also extend the beauty of flowering Asclepias more.

Easy to grow, requires only the sun and a lot, but laughs heat and dryness in the winter, remains unchanged and durable. 2 m and 3 m wide, lush, long, thin plant complements the other very well. And the flowers are generously! Zone 3-9.

Flower garden

At The Flower Garden, we are fortunate to have the luxury of space. Our large display gardens are a perfect backdrop for our range of garden art.

A well chosen piece of Outdoor Art can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Sometimes bigger is better, particularly when it comes to garden ornaments. When choosing ornaments for the garden, don't make the mistake of selecting items that are too small. A helpful idea is to stand back and view the ornament from a distance. Whilst an item may look large when standing alongside, it can 'shrink' when placed adjacent to buildings and trees, or when viewed from a distance. Try to imagine where it will stand in your garden and how far away it will be.

Many of our Screens, Light Boxes and Sculptures have been used on the set of MasterChef Australia