cut flower

The Fluffy, full, bright blooms of many Hydrangea Varieties Serve well to fill out Decorative Floral Arrangements.They are classically used by many florists and are keenly fit for this Purpose.Hydrangeas are hardier Than now cut-flower blooms, and the blooms last for a while after being snippet from the bush.They lower Produce many blooms, leaving you with a very beautiful plant-still have after you take your bouquet.Tips For Growing Hydrangea Cut Flowers

When planting hydrangeas specifically for cut-flower use, Protect Them from hot sun and Drying Winds That might stifle flower production.Plant on the eastern side of the building, allowing for afternoon shade.Make sure your plant has good drainage and rich soil Nutrient - for the fullest, healthiest blooms amen your soil with rich compost and Fertilizer.They cut your blooms just reach there fullest size as to ensure a long life in the vase.Cut at an angle to allow for optimum water Intake.Arrange as you like, and enjoy your garden bright display playfem.