Fearing a Hot, Dry Growing Season?

If you live in a dry part of the country, sometimes it can be very difficult to design a garden, because there are a limited number of plants that tolerate the climate less favorable. Here in South Carolina in the spring and summer is very dry in the last two years. If you're looking to save water, but you would still have a colorful garden, you should check out some of the gardens along the way "of drought-resistant plants. These hardy plants tolerate hot, dry conditions and you're still a landscape of brilliant colors, textures, and intriguing shapes only.

Water the plants to help you save water as well and save your garden during a drought. Water deeply to ensure that your roots lie in the ground - the light side of roots, moisture by evaporation during dry periods tend to become flat. Try to jump for a couple of days between waterings unless your job is in danger of burning - this time the strength of your plants to look for moisture deep into the earth, promoting strong root growth .
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