It's Nature's Way

As gardeners, we have the opportunity to be a bit 'more alert to changes and events in the changing seasons. Migratory birds, the place of pesky insects, clouds of pollen, buds, flowers and, finally, all the things that fall under the nose of the gardener spend more careful seeding. Observation of nature can teach us much about my garden. One of the main questions we get is: "if I plant this?" The response of most shrubs, trees, bulbs and perennials is almost always "fall."

Wildflowers, trees, shrubs and all the seeds in the fall campaign, the summer is full of fruit and flowers, but the seeds are not on the ground until fall. They spend the winter dormancy and germinate in the spring. This works well with the onions and bare-root plants shipped in the fall. They spend their time off to search the ground with their roots established slowly, and planted a big step up for all the plants in spring.

It is not necessary to plant in the fall, most plants are not only good until the ground is not frozen, but the season for autumn sowing is ideal for most varieties. These plants bloom earlier and more productive in the spring and next summer .
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