Waysidegarden:Flower Bulbs & Our Office Amaryllis Has Bloomed!

Does anyone remember way back on Dec. 26, when I have some pictures of the Amaryllis is in our offices? Well, I thought I'd follow up with an image that has flourished. It 'really nice. If one of you is a product of Amaryllis Garden on the road this season and you want your flowers freely share with us, they feel e-mail to tandrews@parkseed.com. If you do, you place them here for everyone. If you have photos Amaryllis can also see pictures of your cat, so I think they are funny.

If you missed it, check out the other items on the street lamp collection gardens. I'll post pictures of their bloom - just send it to our office here Amaryllis - well, that's Amaryllis Jamie, but I think I have the best view from my office.