Buy Solid Wood - There is Too Much Laminated Particleboard in Furniture Today

Today, wood furniture is not what it once was. Solid wood is now considered something of a luxury good, and the market flooded with Is Now plywood or wood particle board furniture rained down on paper, you give him that "wood-look." Some is better than another is, for the most part, it is not as robust as solid wood, nor is it as pretty.A few years ago I ordered a very large desk and hutch combination of a nationwide chain of shops that sells office furniture. It looked good on the internet and in person, so I bought it. I had no idea, and the seller fails to mention, that is for $ 1000 I would be a few heavy boxes of laminated particle board to solid wood, usually come with two pieces, the table top and the hutch above. The rest was all "wood look." HAVING dealt with this before Never was I more concerned about putting together a very large desk in the materials. I had a friend who rent to do it, because the shop wanted $ 700 additional if I 'em come to bring it together for me.For Three Days, my friend Kevin glued, drilled and nails are hit, wanted to make my desk. At the end of the unit looked great and I was very happy. Over time, there was evidence, however, that could bump or nick the March laminated chipboard sides and shelves. Moving was a nightmare, because everything was dinged on the mover, but in daily life. Where do you see go out and buy matching strips of "wood look" paper, cover damaged areas, without causing us cheap and tasteless? I'm not good with this thing out, always as The Whole Is Now in storage desk until I have all. In the meantime, I went and bought a solid mahogany desk for more money, worth every penny I paid. The lesson for me is real wood to buy in the first place, or go without. As hard-earned money is being wasted, not something less durable and difficult to fix.A friend gave me a book shelf when I moved to Florida, they wanted a rock She Was it truly moved to the north. It looked new Own, goal then I realized that it is too early, it was made is. It was over formica chip board, and could not handle the weight of my books. It began in the mid-arch, so I gave it to someone else. Again, I bought a large bookcase and hardwood, can it keep all my books and then sum up everything some.To, it is best to save and buy real wood whenever possible. In this way, perhaps The Whole chipboard or laminate "wood look" paper-covered stage of the furniture on the track due to lack of public interest case. Look at the beautiful Victorian furnishings and hand-crafted furniture from other countries. I usually buy American products, but not if they are not done well enough. My current desktop was imported from India, and solid mahogany with dovetail joints and hand-carved IS accents. It is well made and strong. With shipping, I paid $ 1200 for it, and it was worth every penny. Choose quality elements, and they will last a long time. Do not fall for the lure of the furniture is not made good object looks attractive. Shop around and compare, to be on the safe side. You will not regret it .... The