Fairy Fantasy Art - Fairy Types for Your Art

While in fairies fairy art NOT have complied to a certain style or myth, it is a good idea to explore how you want em to look before you begin. This not only gives you a good idea to target different species aussi a great source of inspiration. There are many types to choose from.Firstly There are Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker. Actually thesis in three types of fairies in the garden, trees and paths to come. Of course you can not copy thesis, as they under copyright, although there is no reason why you can not design your own Flower Fairies. Français typically work with fairies What is grown in the UK. So, if you live somewhere else you can do a whole series of Flower Fairies, which are typical for the flowers, trees and paths that grow in your country to make unique theme you.The There are butterfly fairies. Have different kinds of work butterfly wings. With about 28,000 species to choose from a life, you have two types of fairy gold to keep you busy! Remember, if it kept a great idea, the rest of your design in harmony with the wing design, if you this.The There are Gothic, can make dark and evil fairies That You create images of fantasy art fairy tale. Often the argument of being followed by blue and red Gothic style. They usually have dark themes, and to. Although they are your creation, of course, and not have to follow these norm.The moon fairy is very popular and despite the apparent limitation of the moon, there are many great designs to choose from and variety to choose. Just Google Moon Fairies and take a look at the pictures, it's amazing. These usually are usually blue or purple with delicate fairy images.These topics can you-only one of the few species for your fantasy fairy art work, or that you get from the net if you do not want you to create your own .. ..