Walking in Florence

Before you start driving, the best way to interpret our dock from Fiesole Montececeri round and back to Florence, is watching them from afar. Take a bus to the Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the most visited attractions in the city. From the front railing of the Piazzale, overlooking the Arno River, the dome of the cathedral, and then to the direct horizontal. Fiesole crowns the hilltop in the distance, and besides, on the right side, is the Monte Cecere. It was that was tempted by this platform, "the first human flight" to the designs of Leonardo da Vinci.
To walk with views of the river, on the left side and around the balustrade, until you come to a staircase down to a Leading tiny piazza. At the end of this area is a board-Map shows the famous building city.It century, the uphill walk from Florence to Fiesole, which was only for the energy, the electric tram long-winded and boring, and downright Punishing your horses pulling the carriages of goods and passengers.Every Latin historian had to say something about Fiesole. Likes hiking and sometimes strangely like their stories, they contain a grain of truth or two. Some claimed that by the Tirreni, Other Was built by the Pelasgians, or even by the Phoenicians. It was certainly one of the richest and most powerful of Etruscan cities. Clarion inevitably echo the proud Romans along the Arno valley up the hill 1 day and the inhabitants either gold falling to his knees in front of Fiesole were ordered before the invincible Legion slaughtered. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was subsequently destroyed several times and lost ITS peculiar qualities. In the ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins and monuments of the city, the new steady the immediate postwar period, the young flower girl built.In at the corner sat, strolled aggressive street vendors, the streets strapped with cardboard boxes waist contained in them their goods, and pathetic beggar, Little Street More than sold-rats, potent images of saints with prayers for a safe Wayfaring. Poverty has a role to be performed, not a social act, singing a Tuscan rispetto -
I throw a palm leaf Into the Sea: The water swallow.
I see other lead cast, and -
Lo! For them it is sails.On today the way we pass old line churches, chapels, crosses, large villas Oz frequented by the Medici family, illustrious artists and writers, now oppressed by modern hi-tech building in the seemingly defacement.To deliberate footsore pilgrims with stable pastoral staff and dusty burlap outfit It was a day of hiking to the summit, steep, stony paths Those Extraordinary up remember, still in place, one of the distant effort and execution. Been given the hiker has to turbo nozzle pouring streams of camera-loaded tourists.At present, an open space, narrow streets, some pleasing to the attentive eye, and a series of aesthetically pleasing buildings form ITS personnel. In fact, there are some exam corners with a water-color artist at work and a gathering of shadows with a writer. Just steps from a city Can typical Tuscan farmhouse in the vine Come with a loosely hanging over the doorway.When you get off at Piazza Mino da Fiesole, look in the direction of City Hall, the community, at the eastern end of Above the City Parking . Before you leave, stop the remarkable display of arms on the front of the Podestà memory of watching, and visit the church of Santa Maria Primerana. Opposite the church, right, take the narrow lane at the top. This is Via Giuseppe Verdi. Pay attention to the sign on the wall on the left side on the rightPASSEGGIATA PANORAMICAwhile a red and white mark-indicatingCAI ITIN-1
Settignano 1 h
Starts 2:30 Compiobbi hour walk now. The roads and paths ahead are plenty of way-marked with red and white CAI thesis blazes.The steep narrow lane for a few minutes between pretty villas and houses of refined art and composition to the level it out at the top. Not be too ambitious. Enjoy a leisurely relaxing. On the right side of dramatic views of Florence and the Chianti hills against the backdrop - a sight to quench thirst is a romantic soul. From this point of the city is best seen at dusk or at night when the sun is low and the background hills present a sharp edge against sky.Walk-western Keeping us on the left. Do not take the Via Doccia What dips down to the right. You are now in Via Montececeri. Up on the right wall of The Corner House Is A sign.FRANK Lloyd Wright lived here way out of 150m levels 1910After can see again for a second look over the valley as far as the eye. Via Montececeri ends after a minute with the industry and take the road downhill to the right, Via degli Scalpellini. Be sure to highlight the red and white CAI. A few steps forward, you want to Via del Pelagaccio What Veers take a sharp left uphill to. Do not take this forward road.Walk walk along the gravel path leading straight on the wood. After 200m you come to a board on the right side displays a map of the park. The path leads through the forest. Swing-up left in the first Y-intersection, always taking into account the red and white blazes on trees or rocks CAI follow, without the blue and red markings. Turn right after 50m. It takes about 10 minutes to a handrail on the right side and left to get on the wooden bench. An excellent view over the Arno Valley. The Florence football stadium just down the fore front of the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio and only the right.Downhill again, you come to the first quarry on the left. An eerie dark hole in the mountain, Worthy of a short visit. These quarries were used until well into the 50s. On the nearby three-point junction, take the middle road at the level of Sami Rocking left.Do not uphill to the left or right the way down FOLLOWING Hold the red and white blazes. The path descends, IS the uneven floor, you will soon end in a forest clearing where you take the left up the hill. Even here we can see, the frequent fires in the trees. Look to the left until the cypress trees on the hill in order to orient themselves. Ten minute walk uphill to keep the hill on the left side, you get to the red and white markings on the rock before you.MONTECECERI ------------- BORGUNTO
MAIANOThis time to take the left path to Montececeri forward past a quarry on the right top and at the first Y-junction, a few steps, then left over a short path to beating a top view of the quarry face to face over the distant mountains and down the stairs and on your way with this valleys.Retrace the red and white markings, and after 10 minutes uphill year follow It is on a handrail in wood and stone steps. The path spirals round to the left until you Piazzale Leonardo. A few benches and tables for resting and picnics.The board shows ICT history.The spot to the memory of Leonardo da Vinci devoted
first human stone staircase experiment.The column is translation: The great bird will rise to ICT first flight over the summit of Ceceri to fill the universe with awe ICT wants fame and eternal glory fills all the fonts and the nest, where it was born. Piazzale leave, left, the wide path along the garden wall on the left Which leads downhill for a few minutes to a game board, Where You Turn. Pass the gate and soon a small open area of ​​hard ground comes into view on the right side with a quaint little church on the Piazza dei Pini is corner.This Borgunto and the parish church, as a seer in the middle sit paganism that so many Churches, like forests, can be set built soil.Facing Some of the church, on the left side faces the wall, which is markedCAI ITIN-FLORENCE-1 at the place apart for sacred and solemn rites in honor of the old pagan god
Via degli SENTIERO DEIThis Peramonda IS, perhaps a former military road gold trade route. After a few steps along this road you will see the entrance to a campsite on the left side of Fiesole. Go down now. A sharp eye can view over the hills with their large courtyards and elegant villas, which we discover them.Turn right to enjoy when you wave to come later on the main road about 20 minutes. Walk on for 200m to the bus on the right side, which is more than a small clearing by the roadside. Turn down Into the Woods from the top of this area and follow the path parallel to the main road to the left of him. This path through the forest soon take a narrow road at a T-junction turn right where you need to. Now run straight ahead. Do not turn right after a couple of steps on an obstacle in the CAI track.Look carefully for the signs on the tree as you enter this rough rocky road, Suitable for car wheels and the horse's hoof. Walk on, there are high reeds on the right side until you come to a wonderful oz yet, still dominates, shrine on the wall on the left. Thousand of the tumbling shrines in Tuscany, worthy of a scholar or offer an artistic inclination. The young face of the cherubim looked with feigned humility, as if offering a prayer for Wayfarers burdened with a long way and nowhere to go.In Can those days from a place of worship, recreation and refreshment Gone, a meeting place for trivia Where You a farmer calmly pocket.Walk meet with a loaf of bread under his arm, an onion in his hand, and the small neck of a wine bottle peeping from a lost past, looking farther along the farm road, cart track along the years through the olive groves. Thesis can be muddy after rain and tracks are better suited for some wagon wheels and horse's hoof. Until a few years of a Beast of Burden could take tramping along here, and those great white oxen, slowly swaying bodies gods.And Already two thousand years ago as the incarnation of the earth to this, therefore, O Lord, worship, the humble animals bear the burden and heat of the day with us and offer their lives for the unsuspecting Well-Being in their countries, we implore your great tenderness heart.When you get to the end of this first route, head against wood. Do not take the right turn downhill.The walk through the woods is short. In the morning a dew-laden spider's web is lays on your face and a sharp eye Regurgitated owl pellets Cdn to find the pants and bone like half-digested. at the end of the old path leads to another, down farmhouse with courtyard and outbuildings. Walk it, rugged and dry walls between waiting along a trail with dust in September, a summer wind, and his bare back hump sally make Covered. After 10 minutes uphill and it leads to a narrow paved road.Turn right down to the roadside church of San Lorenzo. Across the valley the stone quarries of Maiano Where Walkway A FEW passes.A minutes down the road from the castle is striking Vincigliata. On the outer walls high stone tablets commemorating the stay of names such as Queen Elizabeth and Beatrice, Battenberg, and Hohenlohe Hohenzollern and the Duchess of Russia.At the first sweeping According to the castle, take the path on the left through the olive groves. Is there comfort and safety in long, straight paths. Life flows on smoothly. Align the genius loci appears behind sudden dips and bends and lives under the pristine white spots on the Wayfarers map.Walk slightly uphill to the large renovated building on the right side with STI chapel stand on the floor opposite. The view from here over the olive groves and cypress trees in the background in the direction of Florence is surely one of the deepest emotional admiration.Not far along the route we will come to a house on the corner of an intersection. This is Casa al Vento. Look for the large cypress tree on the right side. Walk through the house and take the rough rocky road to the left. Not be tempted to take the path to the left front of the house (trial 2) or the track leading from the house straight on past the ruins in the small box on the left. Steadily downhill. This road is bumpy and dusty in dry weather and slippery after rain. There are olive trees on the right side, cypress trees to the left side, and further up heather plants taller than a man and a struggle for survival index. After 20 minutes you reach Via del Fossataccio. On the left is a house with a shrine on the wall. The inscription readsMONSTRA TE ESSE MATREM.Note the markings on the wall on the right side. Go straight along Via Desiderio da Settignano, past the cemetery on the right side, a little hill between the houses of the city to the intersection with Via S. Romano. Turn right and continue on the piazza. Check out the front of the prying Societa Corale, a building on the right just after the hand of the very narrow street.We Can Only trot
Lit by a candle-eaters, and we sing
Of what we remember from the street. "A number of bus from Piazza takes back 30 minutes to Florence ....