Belamcanda chinensis

Freckles nice to grow that easy!wayside gardens
Flowers such as lilies, but the work is a family of Iris.
Consider the humble Blackberry Lily only bank in the shade. Very rare in the Gardens of America, leaves, and iris, lilies and fruit, blackberry (rodzaj!). Long-flowering and very easy to grow, it is a good addition to cultures, it is different from anything but very beautiful in itself.

It comes from China and Japan, the report went to the United States some time ago, Iris was quickly at home. It is a pleasant surprise when in the wilderness, where he fled into the garden and is the perfect addition to the display. The leaves are greenish gray and dull, get in the upright position of IRIS, to 2-3 meters. It blooms at the end of a long, thick and about 2 cm wide. Petals are long, thin and curved bottom form a bowl-shaped bright orange and purple seats Liberals. Jazzy and do the wild, the same!

Flowers in summer and the continued decline in many areas. They are so plump pods and revealing a bright fruit, round and black, "Standard", a generic name. (Of course, do not eat!) Are interesting and very artistic, the new season of eternal beauty.

Belamcanda chinensis rhizomes spread slowly, but do not worry about the garden, it is unlikely either to die. The new facility will replace the old, until one day you'll find that the original system was left or right is a bit, "but the new larger, more beautiful and very pleasant.

If you Belamcanda do know many that it makes no sense: big hello yellow. "It is a wonderful companion of Iris species and fun for the whole race, like all perennials, which does not require any action. Kaunosilmän Tiger, Amsonia, Aquileia, and the airy, among many others.

Belamcanda given full sun or partial shade is a well-drained soil, although the stone or clay. Has reached the 2-3 meters long and up to about 18 cm. Zone 5-10 .