Waysidegarden:Cornus Kousa Venus

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Cornus Kousa Venus is a new brand of the largest dogwood flowers, drought and improve the cold tolerance and resistance to common diseases of dogwood.

The giant snow-white flowers float out of this strange tree like large butterflies. Venus has a strange habit, but interesting, with branches in all the way to the ground, creating a large cloud of colorful flowers from scratch. This maintenance as large as 20 feet, and heights and at least veryCornus Kousa Venus little.

Dogwood are notoriously thirsty, but Venus is a greater tolerance for drought damage of their cousins. This tree grows well in colder climates, where dogwoods are not generally available (zone 4). And why are resistant to most common symptoms of dogwood, Venus reserves the right to beautiful dark green foliage in autumn.wayside gardens