Rosa 'Zephirine Drouhin'

Long-blooming and heavy bones, even in the shade!
This classic old climber is a large semi-double pink flowers, with a peak in spring and autumn.
"'1868 Zephirin Drouhin. Romantic, very fragrant, pink roses, and the popular day climbing, especially in Europe. Modern Rosa was able to clean better and bloom throughout the season.

From a peak in spring and autumn, the flowers in bulk, in part to a double life lilac-Cherry effective mass movement. There is growing sharply from 15 to 20 meters, unusual for Rose behaves well in the shade of a large north-facing slopes and in the little sun.

Rica, dark green leaves (copper-purple when young), mildew resistant thornless canes ideal for planting, where traffic is heavy and children are nearby. The perfect choice for a trellis or porch, or cut into the official security forces. Zone 5-9.