Alcea Old Barnyard Mix

Selected former Vermont pen!
I've never grown Hollyhocks until midnight to see the flash red flowers 5 inches!

Mix the old fence is a customer favorite for years on the road and it is easy to understand why. These flowers ancient sport, a little darker, richer colors known to the family Malva - pastels and vibrant gay! All are filled with yellow center, and offers plenty of powerful 4 - and 6-foot clear summer attracts butterflies and hummingbirds by the dozen. E 'is an especially attractive common for boaters and Satyrium tables, such as host, where he lay their eggs.

Years ago, a gardener employed in agriculture Mallows grow old in Vermont. Now, by cows and chickens from generation to generation, to stop the power and breathtaking colors contains fertilized. He, a few houseplants, and our great joy, grew up in South Carolina as well as wet and cold in New England! Multiplication and began to reduce the mixing of rust (Mallows plague!) And choose the colors brighter and more expressive. You can see the results!

Flowers are 3-5 cm wide, as if alien species germinated sprouts master! Flowering time is greater in early summer, but always reliable for many weeks, especially in northern climates. Flowers on the ground say to you, and you will be rewarded with a lot of new plants in spring.

Space plants 2 feet sun or part shade in fertile, moist soil. Malva, like good food, so you can top dress with cow dung (home-made mixture of old pin!) In order for growth. It is a long-term and new plants each spring, the color more and more! Zone 3-9 .