Asclepias tuberosa

"Flower Butterfly Classic - Bloom, to grow hard and very easy!
Large orange flowers to welcome the summer attracts butterflies and gardeners and Pasta!
Why are all the flowers are beautiful as a flower, butterfly bright, hard? Big Orange flower blooms in the middle and late summer attract butterflies in the garden to steal the neighborhood and the scene colors so rich it almost glows! This stunning variety has a particularly interesting monarch, who are a source of nectar and host plants, space for butterflies lay their eggs. The leaves are beautiful, also extend the beauty of flowering Asclepias more.

Easy to grow, requires only the sun and a lot, but laughs heat and dryness in the winter, remains unchanged and durable. 2 m and 3 m wide, lush, long, thin plant complements the other very well. And the flowers are generously! Zone 3-9.