Astilbe 'Snowdrift'

Soft, white spots, which will continue until winter
Bright green hills, finely cut leaves of plants to keep a flower!
The Working Group Bloom, Bressingham Gardens in England, "Glacier" is an interesting color change Astilbe varieties. Become a popular sport, A. Irrlicht one of the white varieties of Astilbe much.

Mounds of bright green leaves in summer, a separate building made of soft white feathers giant plants and diamond-shaped space of 2 meters. Glossy leaves of a fern is the perfect place for the flowers, and it is very interesting in itself to keep the plants looking out of the flower.

Full shadow of the border "Glacier" the product of feathers, flowers all summer, if you do not cut the carpet to provide winter landscape interest. It is also great for dried arrangements.

Factory 15th to 18 September inch deep, rich, moist, rich organic matter. Well, water and fertilizer during hot, dry weather. Zone 4-8 .