Azalea 'Hilda Niblett'

A beautiful end of the season Bloomer
Hilda Niblett is a bit more efficient and early bloom!
Hilda Niblett is a very nice facility of its kind in a unique dress that makes low-maintenance form of a turtle as one of the most exciting Robin Hill Azaleas. Bring a light pink flowers, 4 cm deep very clear pink. small leaves, through the bright green throughout the year to seduce.

More than four decades with great Robert Gartrell do, evergreen azaleas blooming azaleas extension late spring and early summer. Robin Hill azaleas are easy to grow in light shade, on average, are extremely durable and time.

Not more than a foot high, growth is strong, but disciplined, it is not necessary, to maintain a symmetrical shape. 3 - and 4-foot spread, Hilda Niblett is an indispensable basis to cover for gardens, or places are limited, planters on the terrace or bonsai training. Zones 5-8.