Astilbe chinensis 'Maggie Daley'

Blooming and drought tolerant shade colors
Very heavy and long flowering period
The results of the tolerance of dry soil moisture and other varieties of Astilbe is a variety of A. chinensis is an excellent choice for shady borders must not mottled sunlight to almost full shade. Very free flowering, flowers, lavender light that illuminates the early summer garden for a few weeks if the weather to do so, decides!

Reached up to 28 cm long and a little "wider" Maggie Daley (Chicago Mayor's wife is called) is based on the enrichment of the soil is constantly wet, and you say, but in time, to tolerate it do at home and garden. Flowers springs very tight and close to a solid wall soft shadows and light purple lavender. Arranging cut flowers in the house, Maggie Daley always flowers for sale!

Even outside of the Chinese Astilbe bloom is beautiful. Its leaves are dark green forests, very short and very attractive, creating a dense backdrop against which the many levels of neighboring plants can be clearly distinguished. long-term maintenance and low, is a perennial plant in the shade kept! Zone 4-9 .