Cyclamen hederifolium

Solution for poor soil under the trees dry
This shade-loving flowers in the colors of autumn and a further nine months.
Syn neapolitanum C.If the garden is full of patches of dry land under the trees mature, Hardy Cyclamen is a solution. Bulbs are a little "light crude in the autumn increase, and in large colonies in the blue-green mottled leaves that remain attractive for the first nine months, but full of colorful flowers purple-violet.

Column in the garden in the ancient world (the Greek gods), Hardy Cyclamen is a slow growth of the plants that already needs a little shade and water, from time to time. Purple flowers butterfly strong, nervous, to be born and stay up really started in the week, in the dark to light.

Hardy Cyclamen is a very long, so that the group of plants is a large colony of the season, flowers are blooming, even more than ten years. This plant the bulb is very useful and interesting generously! Zone 5-9 .