Dryopteris 'Brilliance'

Change color for all seasons!
Spring begins in the summer of copper to green, and then return to the reddish color in autumn!
One of the most colorful ferns in recent years, "glory" Fernando case a large display of colors for all seasons. Green leaves a brilliant orange-red, copper again, all the permanently shaded by the way is part of bed or border!

Held in an elegant long leaves in spring, deep orange color of copper, while retaining its color towards green in hot weather. Then in the fall, copper polished again! 1-2 feet high, it's really amazing that in a plant Heuchera Hosta big jump in the shade and fill color of the dry hard!

"Glow" is a good choice for the garden because she once established, it is almost obvious maintenance and beautiful in all seasons. Extends to 2 meters high and wide, to great effect. Not just a unique color, but behind every leaf whitish below, and the surface is very shiny. One of the few perennials that grow happily in the shade of trees or high and dry "light" is called simulated only the first year - a lot of water, fertilizers and other changes to the root system present. Then I'll do anything for you, so you colorful season after season!

Space plants about 18 centimeters thick cover. Indifferent to heat, moisture and cold, well organized, I like the colors, the morning sun, but will also grow in the shade almost perfectly. Flexible, strong and beautiful - what else? Fill in the garden this season! Zone 5-8 .
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