Waysidegarden:How Did You First Get Interested in Gardening?

September 3 Journal of Garden Road

I 4 years of age and mom took me to the public rose garden. I liked the roses, and since the garden started when I was 6 years old. Now I'm thirty-first

My father helped me plant the garden, when I was 3 years - many years ago! I grew up in rural southwestern Michigan, a rich land. We have always had a garden, and had a fruit and vegetable growers around us.

RNA was a kid, and then my dad about his garden. I think gardening is in the genes.

Both my mother and my father was a famous I do not remember when the flowers do not stop me from my songs.

I lived in a big city, but my grandmother was a small garden. As a kid I loved to walk a narrow path through the garden and spent much time playing there. I was happy when the peonies bloom in the spring, and tried, flowers and vegetables on their own. Since then I've always had some sort of a garden, carrying a number of potted plants.

My grandmother and both my grandparents were passionate about their gardens. Grandma kept garden vegetables and flowers on the mass, spring and summer, although at the beginning.

Gardens rnMy grandmother, and when I was little, I had my flower beds and a small garden, where the little house.

I remember as a kid, my grandmother and my father was a garden in his yard.