waysidegarden:Flower Bulbs

In September - the temperature drops. Fall planting season for us and Wayside Gardens is a lot of flower bulbs arranged in a fresh and ready to work. You know they walk a cool, fresh, earthy scent. In the middle of this month, is available in most regions, and these packages may be life beautiful botanical garden is embedded in the garden, waiting for spring.

Flower onions are really great - fun and easy project for novice gardeners and a big brush to paint a big garden, looking for veteran artists to quickly download large amounts of color to their landscape design.

There several dazzling flowers to our new team this year and the bulb. Check Tulip Black Jewel 'and' doll Minuet - I promise you, I like tulips, I had never seen before. Featured this year is another favorite "lily pad" Colchicum - really looks like a sprawling water lilies floating on a big flower. Be sure to read the rest of our fall flower bulbs .