Pastor - You've Planted Good Seed - Here's How to Tell Which Will Sprout and Which Will Not

How often do you have about how the Pharisees and scribes attendance at the public meetings, in which Jesus taught and the Bible show that did not understand that they read his words? Theys attacked every word, concept, idea, metaphor and teaching ET, which delivered. How Could These Bible experts do not get when it comes to understanding the simple but profound teachings of a man who had never in their schools, they DID have the chance came to wisdom and truth to swallow? You have people in your community who will attack you or your words and little understanding of its meaning? Jesus never promised that only those with a college degree would be able to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God. Actually, he described a formula for the absorption of knowledge and wisdom of the Bible found in Luke 8: 8-18. But it's like everything else MOST. Where there is a way for us to receive and blessing of God, the devil comes and disturbs by a stumbling block to trick and deceive those who would this wisdom purpose is essentially maintained, it was stolen and they did not even realize it is missing . When Jesus spoke in parables What the people, his disciples later would often ask him to interpret ET What actually said. But Jesus told them the secrets of God are you actually admit that the importance of knowing and understanding. The parables in order to welcome the masses who will hear the words spoken, determined not understand .. When Jesus was talking about is not the masses Giving freedom to understand these things? No, ET explains exactly how to understand the mysteries of the Bible in the historical account of the parable of sower.We, know that God made all the seeds, so we can plan and it watered and fertilized as I Into It Will a plant grow, flower , tree or vegetable. Target, if you ever planted a garden, you know just because you can not guarantee crushed seeds, that it does, go forth and produce. Need to grow some of the elements in place for seeds. Ounces and the right elements are there, you still feel that you deal with another element of Be, it is called a weed. The weeds are the enemy of the seeds and seedlings. Even if you do not weed seeds, you may want to find safe place in your garden and ICT start, take the parable of the seed over.Now Speak as the word of God. Every time we hear the words of God as the Bible reading our gold in a church, these words come to us and our minds are planted in or understanding. You do not automatically become root. Like any seed, it has the right elements. So let's look at the type of furnace plants and what happens when God's words into different personalities and individuals with a choice in advance what they must do to be deposited when the words first seeds released.The described are thrown by the wayside. Let's see how the pastor of the Sower. It is a Sunday morning and his message is very touching. He describes how a loving God feels his story in our place, and if we die, we receive this eternal life Can. A new visitor shows itself in the church and hear the word and moving it to believe it. Thus, the target word as well as the audience is the decision to believe the words is stored, the devil comes and incidental He planted his thoughts or words that are quite contrary to what the visitors to just listen. The devil reminded that if God loved him then it So Much Why Did so and so he or a member of the family happened 15 years ago. Now the visitor's heart starts to harden at the thought: "Yes, if God loves me Truly goal that would not have happened." The words or seeds on the ground (his opinion) was, Exposed, or not accepted as truth, describe the writings as these birds or birds of the air eat the seeds. This is the representation of the devil comes to steal God's word and replace it with His Own words.Next, IS seed that is thrown on rocky ground. This is the lady sitting next to the visitor. She hears the words of God from the pastor, even a sense of joy in the faith and accepting the words. But there is not a root system is developed to take root because it must be watered a few times to be. The devil sees a chance to send this as part of the temptation or persecution, to have this woman they are interested in and Sun will not lose the desire to read the word and allow the irrigation of the word of God to carry the seeds to germinate and mature Good .. The third type of seed has-been cast among thorns. This is the person who actually listen and believe will continue with the intention of some good faith to be strengthened, what the minister just deposited in 'em. Aim of the devil says, "I need some distraction to send this." And Along Comes concern, additional responsibilities and try to just financial obligations, or placement of the never-ending joys of life before your eyes meet. If you are distracted, the fruit can not develop, and the devil wins again last illustration of the seed that is deposited is in Good Ground. When you hear the word of God, they not only target not only believe this person is the honest and good man, keep it objective. Theys you recognize the voice of the enemy and are determined to be the seed grow. so that they water, fertilize, they hear the word of God and cling to 'em and spread it to others so believe. When the devils 'evil thoughts, they are dismissed for' em. Noted thesis people bear fruit with patience. She vows to be patience and diligence, because they were tried, Tried flattered down, put, accept no follow for the weeds and thorns from the enemy.Pastor, how can you say, members of your community, the ones that your Words have read and watered and fertilized to grow em em em and causes? Well, here are some pointers. Thesis people are the joys of your community. . Thesis people are those who continually bless you, your spouse, family and others. These people do not make waves, cause division, gossip or complain. Individualist argument those who support you and back support viable financially, through volunteering and when the things get rough, they'll be there to give something back with her words of love. These are the jewels you can trust. How can you distinguish, Purpose thesis of the others? My Bible says: "You will know them by their fruits" These beautiful people wear the MOST precious fruit develops, the joy and love and know that when you blessing.You feed 'em do not you throw your messages Pearls Before Swine: Because they never trample your efforts and love, they only spread the gospel, so bring more people like her in the body itself. Thesis lamp lighters are good people. Theys hear your words and tell 'em are good with others, to concentrate the light of Christ in the entire time you are trying to spread world.Next gainsayers and the troublemakers, those who bring the mini-earthquake to stop, and reflections the Little Sheep The God, who look forward to every word that comes out of your mouth. Theys appreciate it like gold and silver and let it HAS Nourish them, and others. These Are The Ones Who dictate the peace-making and all efforts.There your reward will always have the scribes and Pharisees, one needs to deceive, to control, and pretend. Goal God says they have their reward and a Thing not long goal, and that is the ability to understand the wisdom of the Bible. Theys refuses to receive the word as a child in the faith. The wisdom of their purpose was decided Presented they pull up the young plants in Favor of the weeds. Theys the truth they want to swap for something to read Heard. They were shown target humility pride thing and honor and glory INSTEAD. Refused Kept well as those of the whole could have been em receiving.Pastor Theys wonder and purpose, you're like the farmer sowing carefully and then went on to make it water. Your words, the seeds are not all ripe fruits that everyone is listening to it. Goal keep on watering, patients are ripe, take heart and wait for the autumn for the precious harvest. Much Will germinate and grow and be fully edible, delicious fruits and your reward will come from the Lord, .... for all your special planting and care