Why I Decided To Plan My Next Years Garden Last Fall

Each year in the spring of the year, and I'm so excited to go and plant my garden. I can only taste the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and all the other wonderful products that I will grow this summer.
I stop at all the screens of the seeds and see if there is something new that I will try to push this year and enjoy the excitement of digging in the dirt.
I watch the weather and be careful not to plant too early, I do not want my plants caught in a freeze in late spring, of course. Then comes the time when I can not stand it no more, I was in the nursery, buy plants for my head. Of course I get too much of everything and then I patiently wear it every morning to enjoy the sun and then she comes in every night until the big day.
I get all my gardening and rototilled and willing to invest in certain plant foods to help my little darlings, long after I planted them. I'm ready to share my problems and string to make neat rows of small carrots and radishes. I have my wire cages ready to put on my tomato plants and I am excited to begin.
Finally the day came, and I can plant my garden. I start the day with enthusiasm and get everything to put what comes up. It is to do a little more than I want because I always seem to try to adapt plants and seeds to many in the region, but I tell myself that everything is what it's worth.
During June and July to maintain my love of plants, weeding and watering with a vengeance. August comes and we enjoy our fresh vegetables. But until then it gets a bit hot and weeding is not quite so funny. By mid August I have vegetables from my ears and it's time to can and freeze all the freshness of winter.
I start with the salsa and then proceed with tomatoes and cucumbers. So of course I need to get the strawberries in the freezer. And I do not think that mature to get the corn before I get it in the freezer. After a week or two of my kitchen is a wreck, and I'm tired of spending my last days of summer inside. When I see it like a tomato or ear of corn, I'm very happy. Between getting ready for the new school year and the freezing and canning produce all my major I'm exhausted. Moreover, it seems, not to mention that in this heat, watering my garden, all of the lawn is an endless chore.
But of course we do not want to go, to lose, so I canned up to hold more supplies and head. When all is said and done, I have to use too much for my family, so of course I give. You do not want to waste the vegetables do know.
At that time I look outside and my peaches and apples just seem to collect and process begins with them. While I was on my course work in the fruit garden is still produced and even if I canning and freezing from there I heard it can not let go, the more garbage that I make, every morning and every evening I take what is right and provide for those who do certainly appreciate. Because now the thought of something to eat in the garden is not very attractive, the kitchen is still in my kitchen, which has kept to a disaster area.
Then the big day that I do not wait for the big freeze. Finally, my garden is finished. All I have to do now is to get everything re-rototiller in the compost pile, and fertilize.
When I look at my kitchen and see all the fruits, vegetables, pickles, jellies and ready for the winter, I'm proud, but very, very tired. I swear I do not much next year. Last year I went ahead and planned my garden in October and was paying particular attention to how I go to the factory. Counts, in my frozen and canned, to see how we can use in the coming years. I made a few notes of my thoughts on this topic.
Now spring is approaching, there are many types of snow on the ground, and I plan my garden and looked at all the products in my family has not eaten, and I thought how it was already given in this winter and I thought, perhaps it should I know that to follow the design of new garden that I began to develop all of my notes.I remember vaguely thinking Pace salsa is almost as good as I do, and can not really say whether the tomatoes from the garden or after they are cooked.
I do not know if I will be able to simplify this plan, if my green thumb itching begins to grow, things stick, but I think if we run out of salsa, jelly, corn, tomatoes are not the end of the world They are readily available in grocery stores and in the long run may cost less than I do myself. I was totally convinced in October, so convincing, but I'm wondering if I may be able to stick to it.
I feel like if the grass starts to green, and tulips show their colors better all my plans for a relaxing end of summer to go by the wayside. Well, I think its dependencies could be worse. I'm wondering, is there such a thing as a 12-step program for addiction to gardening more?
Robin Reckard, co-founder of the lifestyle magazine Jorbins.com keeps busy producing, writing and editing the magazine as well as raising and enjoying her six year old daughter.
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