A Review of the Flowtron BK-80D Electronic Bug Killer - The Perfect Assassin?

  There is nothing more annoying than the constant buzz of flies and mosquitoes on a summer night when it comes to relaxing in the sun. The constant irritation of the lack of hygiene flies landing on bare skin, food, drinks or just rubbing your face makes life unpleasant. The problem is compounded if, like me, have a water feature near the patio or terrace area, where unfortunately the splash of water is like a call to arms to all local squadrons flying nasties.

In the past I have used chemical means to control pests with varying success, but with the recent addition of a family pet and frequent visits of siblings with children for safety reasons the chemical solutions had to stay in the road and looked for an alternative. Fortunately, a savior came in the elegant but functional Flowtron BK-80D Electronic manipulative murderer. Electronic Being worried about the smaller toes and feet, but mounted out of reach and sports without harmful chemicals, I'm happy this is a pet and kid friendly solution.

Depending on the size of the garden Flowtron offer several variants, ranging from the coverage provided by BK-15D hectares to 1 / 2, through the BK-80D we're reviewing here. In theory, the BK-80D cover up to 1 ½ acres, but as my garden is not quite so large, the additional marginal cost smaller models was obvious.

The unit itself is solid from a durable and weather resistant black polycarbonate means no maintenance or discoloration, and comes equipped with two ultraviolet lights to attract insects. The unit is easy to install, especially when using optional wall mount make sure I put enough away from the house to be discreet, but close enough to be effective. I also used integrated keyboard pheromones added attraction of mosquitoes.