Fairy Fantasy Art - Fairy Types for Your Art

While fairy tales fantasy art does not have to adhere to any specific style or a myth is a good idea to research how you want to see before you start. This not only gives you a good idea of ​​the various types, but also a great source of inspiration. There are many types to choose from.

First, there are flower fairies Barker Cicely Mary. These are the ones that come in three types, fairy garden, trees and road. Of course, you may not copy these as they are under copyright, however there is no reason you can not design your own flower fairies. These tales are typically English, which is grown in the UK. so if you live somewhere else you could do a whole series of fairy flowers that are typical of the flowers, trees and road that grow in your country that are unique to you.

Then there are the fairies of the butterfly. They have different types of butterfly wings. With about 28,000 species to choose from that have a duration of one or two types of fairies to keep you busy! Remember, however, is a great idea to keep the rest of your design according to the wing designs if you do this.

Then there are the fairies gothic, dark and evil that can create images of fantasy fairy art. These often follow the Gothic style to be black, blue and red. They also tend to have sinister themes. Although, of course, are his creation and not have to follow this rule.
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