Gaillardia Mesa™ Yellow

Welcome to the new generation of flowers Manta!
together to develop the first flower, more and better branching.
U2122% after the yellow Mesa held a seed that soon swept the European and American press. Nothing less than changes in agriculture, reducing the time between sowing and flowering throughout the season. Now available in the form of installations, you can enjoy the many other advantages, even in severe, more branched and compact, greater uniformity and spread of many, many others. Oh, and a stable family, a new yellow Gaillarde. What can u2122% pioneer yellow Mesa!

It measures 3 inches, colorful flowers, the sun radiates heat to the center of the gold heels (which is an elegant beauty of flowers or flowers from the garden), a huge, thin yellow petals. Seems to be much more useful than the others flowers Manta balanced easily fall in warm climates. Butterflies love these flowers, singing birds and playing with pine cones in the fall. They are very long, a new green light, but strong stems. Adding to the garden, cut flowers and a bright multi-line!

Almost as exciting as it was the flowering plants that are guaranteed by the provisions of the Gaillard flop is limited, not solve, even in warm climates. Only 18-20 cm high and 20-22 cm wide, is a compact, well branched plants are very uniform, the flowers reach the same height. Actually, this is the name% u2122 Mesa is - many flower-date high plateau south-western United States.

Each part of the Bureau of yellow u2122% better than the older varieties. Indifferent to heat, humidity, drought, cold and wet, and almost all other weakness, not an Indian grows in sunny garden ..developed. Zone 5-10 .