Clematis texensis 'Gravetye Beauty'

History of Beauty Clematis Brilliant!
Developed in France, the UK garden designer William Robinson, however, Texas!
Not a gardener is a bit bare in March remained Gravetye must not only be beautiful. "Established for over 110 years, a substantial history and is still one of the most beautiful clematis flowers and a long decline, interest in winter clusters of money.

"Gravetye Beauty" was developed in France in 1900, some varieties of French farmers. He was then given, along with many others, the British garden designer William Robinson, who sowed in his garden Gravetye Manor. (Interestingly, there are grown under a different name, which we know thanks Clematis - Head Gardener Robinson, Ernest Markham)

Robinson was quick to recognize the extraordinary merit of this seletion native species in Texas, the so-called "Gravetye Beauty and published in 1915, later lost resoundingly. Applause was for almost 100 years!

"Gravetye Beauty" is a special shade of bright red petals, a small folded, neatly in the middle and far apart. Achieving a total of 3 inches wide, the whole garden went in the form of a stamp or color 4 petals (and a small yellow eye cream), who can say?

The flowers will begin in mid-summer in most climates and on through the recession, especially in late summer and autumn, then two or three months in many areas and more than four lucky. When the flowers last step, it is difficult to cry silver, brilliant flowers seem to take its place. They will remain on site during the winter, a little more "sculptural beauty of the show.

"Gravetye Beauty" about 8-12 feet high on a growing network of travel, over the fence or the ground floor. Like clematis, hot and cold snacks, their roots do, mulch well and the sun! And its consequences.

This clematis is a perfect companion to climbing roses, consider the partnership, and smell something like "Sally Holmes, otherwise bright colors, or" golden rain ". And if you like Texas Clematis (no, really?), Should be a place for will find "Princess of Albany," as well! skills, group III. Zone 5-9.