Kitchen Organization: The Easy Juicing Zone

Fall has always been my favorite season. I especially like the abundance in our area farms with vineyards and gardens. Fall has fully come, and with it all sorts of colors and activities. The air is fresh and crisp, the trees are showing their beautiful colors and delicious fall vegetables offer exciting new flavors are ready for harvest. Of course, the beauty of the fall comes a burst of activity, and maybe a little stress. The boys are back in school, work commitments and social activities begin to fill every moment in our calendars. Even before the party pressed on the preparations, miraculously! So if you are the change in "crush" a little planning and foresight will be useful, or when approaching the holiday season. Are you getting overwhelmed with a busy schedule, once fall comes around?

As your schedule records that can be hard to eat well. With a million different things competing for your time and attention, sometimes you may feel that making juices or smoothies can be overwhelming. When the pace quickens, it is necessary to leave the juice in the way. Here are some things I have to do to organize my kitchen so that the juice happens effortlessly, even in the craziest of days:

GET in "The Zone" Consider reorganizing their kitchen areas. I have a salad zone, a zone of dehydration, a cooking area and, of course: a pressing area. The juice and smoothie area is the most used area of ​​the kitchen here at Hohm. I have a special part of my kitchen reserved as "juice and shake the area." In this way, all I need to make juices and smoothies are in hand. My blender is by the sink where you wash and prepare. The compost bin is very useful, and all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables are just where you need them, arranged in a seasonal display constantly changing. All my spices and super nutritious foods are hidden in the cupboard under my Vitamix blender, and I'm right nut bags of milk and juice.

TAKE TIME TO PREPARE: Prepare fruits and vegetables for juicing or smoothies may take some time. Instead of leaving all the work of preparation to the moment you want some juice, prepare the ingredients beforehand. Wash fruits and vegetables to be ready for when you need them and keep them in their area of ​​fruit smoothie and it will be easily accessible when the time was played.

Make it pretty, "EASY" does not necessarily mean "utilitarian" is so important to do things "beautiful", you actually have a positive effect on the nervous system, which contributes to health, and can be the difference between success entering the juice habit, or feeling that is just another daunting task. Let's "Easy" and "Beautiful" coexist.

Containers: I like to put some thought into how I can show my press material. The Container Store is a great place to get some wonderful milk cans for Hohm made of walnut milk and juices. I'm always discovering new

things, but my favorite time and inexpensive glass jars that I can buy at Kmart or Target in the dozens.

AGREEMENTS: Arrange fruits and vegetables carefully in a creative way: a tower of lemons and apples, a dish enough for your ginger, a nice dish for a set of color and taste great. Add some fresh flowers and herbs hidden in a vase of water. Pick up some glass jars and keep them close to your juicer to fill with extra juice in the fridge so you'll have a good hand to take along with you to work, send to school children, or simply for a juice fast pick up. You will discover a fresh jug of juice made Hohm can give you an energy boost, even better than coffee!

Your kitchen is a place for food - they are powered by regulation in the natural world of its geographical location with beautiful fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs in season from the natural world. Easy to set up a space that is both beautiful and functional. Give you and your family the gift of juices and smoothies as you take the time to organize and think about starting juice after juice healthy habit never stay on the road, even when life gets faster! After all, when things move faster than your most need the juice, right? Take time to enjoy a glass of clean, while you take advantage of all this time busy, wonderful year has to offer.