Perseverance - Why I Know it Wo rks By Julie Atkins

If there's one thing I've learned since I learned all about building a business online is that perseverance and tenacity are the order of the day. It is well known that most people who want to make money online fail. Why is this when the WWW is a vast ocean of opportunities?

That's all due to their distinctive features of individual personality. If you're one of those people who just do not give up, no matter how hard to get, or however much they struggle to understand the concept of something new - then you're way ahead of the crowd. With the immense amount of skill that must be learned in order to start working himself online, most people shy away when they see how much you have to engage to do the job.

I know how hard it is - until last fall, I had no idea how to go about starting line correctly. I took the path of so-called gurus, with their promises of instant wealth and success during the night, down to earth with a bang when it was clear that this was wishful thinking. The only way to succeed is to learn properly, with solid fundamentals, tools and resources, a mentor and the right mindset.

Several months down the line, I learned skills that would never have thought possible a year ago. Things make sense to me and the fans do not go away when I know I have to knuckle down and learn something new. I know you never would have had the patience to learn all I have when I was younger, with a family to appear. The timing was right for me to take this opportunity when I did. I have made friends online that I am proud to be associated and have been fortunate to meet some of them. To say that this business I'm excited is an understatement! I love the time I spend here in my pc, advancing every day. It is a challenge but I welcome you with open arms!