Waysidegarden:Orienting Your Garden to the Cardinal Directions

Understanding directions in relation to your house and garden is one of the most basic gardening skills. The fundamental task of orienting your home will help you plan a garden with the greatest chance of success. Above the equator, where most of our readers live, south facing walls receive the sun all day, and north-facing walls are shaded.

We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Orienting your own home is as simple as getting up to watch the sunrise. The face of the horizon where the sun rises - this is east. Stretch your left - this is north. Stretch your right hand - this is the south. And the West is to your back. Now you can draw a simple map of your garden and draw a small compass with the cardinal directions as a reference for future green projects.

So, if a plant needs full sun, it will probably need to on the south side of your house if it does not fall into the shadow of your home. The plants were placed along the north wall should be shade-loving plants because they are in the shadow of your house for the whole day.

Bonus Trivia: "Cardinal" comes from the Latin Cardo with means "That which something turns or depends" or "hinge". Nothing as "cardinal" is very important, in fact, is the most important of its kind. N, S, E & W are the main directions, the most important cardinals in the Catholic priests, and cardinal virtues that must be held above all others. Cardinal is a very important word .