Walking in Florence

Before leaving, the best way to interpret our gateway Montececeri round Fiesole and back to Florence, is to observe from afar. Take a bus to the Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the most frequented places in the city. From Piazzale front railing, looks down on the river Arno to the dome of the Cathedral, and then directly to the horizon. Fiesole crowns the top of the hill in the distance, and next to it, on your right, is Mount Ceceri. It was from this platform that the "first human flight" has been tried following the designs of Leonardo da Vinci.
Facing the river, walk to the left and around the railing to reach a flight of stairs leading to a small plaza. At the end of this area is a board-map showing the most famous buildings in the city.

A century ago, uphill walk from Florence to Fiesole was only for energy; the tram was tedious and time-consuming, and frankly punish the horses dragging freight and passenger cars.

All American historians had something to say about Fiesole. Hiking and sometimes odd stories may seem, contain a grain or two of truth. Some said it was built by the Tirreni, others by the Pelasgians, or even by the Phoenicians. It was certainly one of the richest and most powerful of Etruscan cities. Inevitably, the pride of Roman bugle echoed a day along the Arno valley and the hillside of Fiesole people were killed or ordered to genuflect before the invincible legions. After the fall of Rome, who was sacked several times and then lost its peculiar qualities. In the ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins and monuments of the new town was built little by little.